Tank Trucks for Dry Bulk and Liquid Loads

Our tank truck fleet is comprised of over 200 tank trailers, 85 tractors (most of which have sleepers for longer hauls), and van and flat bed trailers.  A summary of our fleet is

1,000-1,600 cf. Dry Bulk Pneumatic Tankers
(Fly ash, lime, salt, cement and other dry bulk products)
1,600 cf. Vacuum Dry Bulk Tankers
(New & recycled Plastic pellets and other dry bulk products)
5,300-9,200 gl. Aluminum & Stainless Steel Liquid Tankers
(Resin, gasoline, fuel oil and other liquid products)
Van and Flat Bed Trailers
(Need information about how these are used)

To recruit the best drivers and achieve exceptional safety, our newest tractors/tank trailers include electronic stability control braking systems, automatic transmissions, collision warning systems with Smart Cruise, lane departure warning systems and auxiliary power units.

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