Lime Hauling

R. O. Harrell specializes in the transportation of lime and other dry bulk commodities in pneumatic tank vehicles. Our tank trailers range in size from 1,000 cubic feet for heavier products to 1,600 cubic feet for lighter products. We have considerable experience with finely granulated lime, various sized pebble quick lime, and hydrate lime. We have delivered to all types of locations, including above and below ground storage facilities, water treatment plants, electric generating plants, and soil stabilization projects. With the right equipment, experienced drivers, and a strong commitment to your satisfaction, we can provide you the type of service that you need.

Our lime delivery equipment includes:

  • 56 larger 1,600 cubic feet dry bulk trailers dedicated to lime
  • 60 smaller 1,000 cubic feet trailers available when needed
  • Large 6 inch valves for pebble lime
  • Bottom drop capability for unloading into underground silos
  • Adequately sized blowers operated by tractor power take offs

Our tractors and trailers have been outfitted with the latest in safety improvements so that our drivers are able to deliver your lime safely and dependably. As technology has improved, we have continued to advance. The latest braking systems have antilock air disc brakes which stop faster than anything else on the road. In addition, they have roll stability enhancements that sense excessive movement and apply different brakes faster than humanly possible to help prevent rollovers. Moreover, the newest tractors have an even more advanced braking system that senses and corrects for losses of control. To this braking system, we have added lane departure warning, automatic transmissions, and an advanced radar operated collision avoidance system that warns drivers of impending dangerous conditions, slows down the truck, and even applies the brakes automatically in an emergency.

Ask us about your special situation! We will work together with you to solve your lime transportation problem. We want to earn your trust.

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