Tank Truck Hauling Services

Tank Trucks Serving Eastern & Central US

If you are shipping dry bulk materials (fly ash, resin, lime, salt, cement, etc.) or liquids (resin, fuel oils, etc.) throughout the eastern/central part of the US, there is no one who can do it better and more cost effectively than R. O. Harrell Company.  With more than 200 tank vehicles (pneumatic, vacuum and stainless steel) and 85 tractors, your customers will get the on-time and safety performance you need to keep them happy.

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We Focus on the Satisfaction of Your Customers

Ultimately it is the satisfaction of your customers that will support our growth, so our actions are dedicated to making sure your customers are happy. Some of the ways we achieve this are:

  1. Tank trailers can be placed at your facility ready for shipment
  2. Loaded tank trailers (dry bulk and liquid) can be stored at our facility because it is closer to your end customer
  3. Loaded tank trailers at the end customer’s point of operation if this makes sense due to usage variations
  4. Optimized our tank truck utilization rate in order to increase on-time performance and provide flexibility for handling changing conditions

On-Time Performance, A Stellar Safety Record and Respectful Drivers

On-time performance for your customers combined with a safety record that enhances your company’s reputation and drivers who will be your “ambassadors” to your customers are the key ingredients that make R. O. Harrell the best value for tank truck services throughout the eastern and central parts of the US.

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