Chemical Transportation – Liquid & Dry Bulk

R. O. Harrell, Inc. will provide you with liquid or dry bulk chemical transportation that will be matched with your operation. We will deliver your out-bound or in-bound bulk chemicals to virtually any location in the continental US or Canada. With our knowledgeable, motivated and courteous drivers, our up-to-date equipment, and our complete dedication to safe operations, we offer service that is integrated seamlessly with your business.

For liquid chemical transportation, we offer:

  • DOT 407 insulated stainless steel trailers
  • Single and three compartments
  • Heat coils for in-transit heat maintenance
  • Double conical tank shapes for complete drainage
  • Rear unloading tanks for specially designated unloading areas
  • Stainless steel pumps for eliminating contamination
  • Hydraulic pump operation immediately reversible if needed
  • Pump operation at the trailer for maximum safety

For dry bulk chemical transportation, we offer:

  • Vacuum and non-vacuum aluminum trailers
  • Various sized trailers from 1000 cubic feet to 1600 cubic feet
  • Trailer dedication when feasible to eliminate contamination
  • Integral coolers to prevent product melting in unloading
  • Special air filters when necessary
  • Two silencers installed on tractors to virtually eliminate extra noise in loading and unloading
  • Equipment for loading/unloading into rail cars

Our specialized equipment is coupled with the latest safety technology that assists our drivers to deliver your product safely. All liquid trailers and almost all dry bulk trailers are equipped with electronically operated antilock brakes. The latest trailers of both types have computer controlled roll stability enhancements that apply brakes to help prevent roll-overs as well as air disc brakes for maximum braking power. Tractors have even more advanced electronic stability control systems coupled with air disc brakes. Moreover, tractors have lane departure warning capability, automatic transmissions integrated into the safety systems, and radar collision avoidance devices that slow our equipment down and even apply the brakes to avoid vehicles or objects in front.

Our drivers and dispatchers will work together to tailor our services to your needs. If you have special handling requirements for your bulk chemicals, our people will not only attempt to work closely with you, but also see the situation as a way to earn your trust. We want to provide service that adds value to your product!

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