Plastic Pellet Hauling & Transportation

Bulk Tank Trucks Serving Eastern & Central US

R. O. Harrell transports various types of plastic pellets in bulk 1600 cubic feet vacuum trailers. If you are a distributor, manufacturer, or receiver of virgin or reprocessed plastic, we will give you the same careful attention to each load. With late model equipment, dedicated employee drivers, and a personal commitment to deliver your plastic pellets when and where you desire, we offer service that works to remove transportation headaches from your concerns.

Our plastic pellet vacuum trailers include:

  • Fully 1600 cubic feet capacity per trailer
  • Special attention to cleanliness
  • Integral coolers to prevent product melting in unloading
  • Special air filters available on some units
  • Two silencers installed on tractors to virtually eliminate
    extra noise in unloading
  • Equipment for loading/unloading into rail cars

Our specialized dry bulk vacuum equipment is coupled with the latest safety technology that assists our drivers in delivering your plastic pellets safely. All vacuum trailers are equipped with electronically operated antilock brakes. The latest plastic pellets trailers have computer controlled roll stability enhancements that apply brakes to help prevent roll-overs. Tractors have even more advanced electronic stability control systems as well as air disc brakes for maximum stopping power. Moreover, tractors have lane departure warning capability, automatic transmissions integrated into the safety systems, and radar collision avoidance devices that slow our equipment down and even apply the brakes to avoid vehicles or objects in front.

Our drivers and dispatchers will work together to tailor our services to your needs. We want to add value to the money that you spend for transportation. By earning your trust, we can build a continuing relationship.

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