Sand Hauling Service

R. O. Harrell, Inc. has extensive experience transporting bulk sand in pneumatic dry bulk trailers. Whether your sand is used for industrial production or sand blasting, we will provide the appropriate dry bulk equipment and the drivers who understand your need to preserve the purity of your product. Moreover, we will tailor our service to your particular operation.

Our sand equipment includes:

  • A fleet of aluminum pneumatic dry bulk trailers
  • A specialized fleet of steel pneumatic dry bulk trailers for sand
    heated to a temperature that aluminum cannot withstand
  • Special heat treated discharge tees and valves designed to
    endure more abrasion than regular tees and valves
  • Special heavier pipes and hoses to handle the increased abrasion
  • Reinforced elbows to resist the abrasion

With our experience in sand, we provide the same attention to detail and devotion to safety that we bring to every load that we haul. We work to listen to your needs in order to be able to provide a solution to your problems. In the past, we have stationed special sand trailers near the sand user’s facility so that we could meet their critical demands. Since their operation could not run without the sand, we made sure that they never ran out of sand. For another customer, who was located five hundred miles away from the source of the sand, we preloaded sand so that we could deliver the loads on one day’s notice to their operation. Again, we delivered every load on time and without incident. If we do our job properly, you hardly notice us!

Let us work together with your folks to solve your sand hauling problem. We will give you an honest assessment of how we can work together.

Call us today (434-572-1100).